Wine to Fork is sourcing locally from small producers. You will get the best terroir wine from Slovenia. Discover new taste, take time, and enjoy your wine.

Wine to fork

Discover new, take time, and enjoy your wine!


Wine to Fork was established by a Slovenian wine enthusiast Katja Jontes, after she was looking for a connection between the Adria, Alps, and Bavaria Metropole city Munich. Katja is always having new ideas about products, design, food & wine pairing recipes. The idea about bringing the Slovenian cuisine and wines all way up over Munich to Berlin is realising already.

Wine to Fork represents the cooperation between the Slovenian boutique wineries and the wine retail in Germany. Slovenian Mediterranean Cuisine meets Munich & Berlin! 

The potential and quality of Slovenian Wine and Gastronomy is recognized already. During the past few years is the recognisability and reputation of Slovenia as an authentic boutique destination, which is committed to sustainability, arising very quickly.


Wine Fanatic & Foodie. Selling good wine and finest gourmet products with heart and professionality. Dedicated to Slovenian tradition, culture, and cuisine. A bit patriotic. Love to make short escapes to secret places in Slovenia. Food Technologist & Food Industry Specialist. Fascinated about multi-sensory perception and Gastro-Logik. On the way to WSET® Level 3 Award in Wines & Spirits. Like to make food photos and focus on all senses of perception of a dish. Like stereotypes. Nature lover. Dreams about to make her own wine from hometown in region Koroska one day.